Kundalini Activation

Unlock what has to be unlocked in order to remember who you are.

Kundalini Activation involves the energy transmission to activate your dormant life force energy. This process can be likened to a purification, awakening, regulation, remembrance, rebirth or transformation.

Conscious Trance

It's time to meet and experience your Self for the first time

The Path of Surrender

Why Activate?

Progresses on the path to connect with your higher-self – your souls plan – through a  journey of releasing blockages and traumas, letting go of thoughts that no longer serve you and re-alignment of self.

Who am I?

Activated Kundalini can have a significant impact on your wellbeing, leading to expanded consciousness and self-realisation.


Trusting the body to express itself without any mental activity, releases these blocks, triggering the body's innate ability to self-heal - during and post-activation.

Anxious or Depressed?

Release traumas and wounds; discovering freedom from past experiences. Feel joy, peace and gratitude daily, and recharge your energy and vitality; creating the ability to be present.

Feeling Lost?

Expansion of consciousness higher states of awareness and dissolve limiting beliefs and mental/ emotional blocks; finding clarity with life and your life purpose.

Ways to Activate

Group settings are encouraged to support integration, but one-to-one sessions are also available on request.

Group Studio

Group activations are held at the Soul Space in Ladysbridge, Aberdeenshire at £30. Private group sessions are available on request.

Group Online

Group online activations are held over Zoom at £20. Private group online sessions available on request.


One-to-one sessions are available in-studio or online on request for £60. Bring a friend and you can experience an activation together for £100 (two-to-one).