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Access a full library of yoga flows, guided meditations & informative content to support your practice at home

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Yoga 360

Pay £7 per month to get access to the full yoga membership outlined below. The on-demand library is filled with 360 videos to fully support your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home.

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Your Virtual
Yoga Teacher

What's included

With your membership you will have access to all of this exclusive content – whenever & wherever you want

Yoga Flows

You'll have access to 144 yoga flows which are suitable for all levels. There's a mixture of 20-30 minute flow 45-60 minute flow. This enables you to have flexibility & choice of practices to fit in with your day-to-day life.

Guided Meditations

There is 72 guided meditation relating to each theme. This can be used on its own or as part as your Savasana after your yoga practice.

Informative Content

Each practice incorporates a different theme that you can incorporate firstly on the mat, and then take it off the mat, in to your life. I talk through suggestions on how to explore theme to elevate your practice.

Bonus Videos

Each theme offers a little surprise - ranging from alignment techniques, breathwork, drills, yoga philosophy, CBT & NLP techniques to expand your awareness further & deepen your understanding.