Sankalpa: The Power of Intention Workshop

Start the new year the yogic way with this New Year’s intention workshop. Instead of making resolutions (which encourage you to change yourself in order to find happiness), you will learn how to create a sankalpa, or intention, to shape your new year and draw you closer to your truest self. Sankalpa focuses on the premise that we are in fact already enough, and praises the nobility of the effort rather than fixating on wrong doing.

We will be working with the science of manifestation to embody this new, empowered mindset throughout the year. Instead of striving for change, we will welcome all of the goodness that will come our way.

Breathwork and a flowing asana practice to will be used to purify the body, build prana and explore the subtle body (where our deepest expressions are stored); creating space within to dream big for 2022 & support self-enquiry. You’ll experience the guided process of meditation, self-reflection & journalling to stimulate the Anja charka to awaken your inner wisdom & reveal your Sankalpa.

This 2-hour, all-levels workshop is appropriate for beginners to advanced practitioners.

This course will expire 7 days after purchase.

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