YOGA | 360

new beginnings

vinyasa: with renewed energy, today we welcome a fresh start
bonus: habit stacking

deep healing

yin: letting go emotionally, mentally & physically to heal from traumas
bonus: eft | release attachment to past experiences


vinyasa: channeling acceptance through opening the heartspace
bonus: gratitude challenge

let you be you

restorative: expressing our authenticity through seating & lying postures
bonus: "but luckily" mindset shift

self-love club

vinyasa: opening our hearts to ourselves & flowing with self-respect, care & love
bonus: love letter challenge

listen to your heart

yin: using our hearts guidance to help us make powerful decisions & deal with problems
bonus: intuitive focusing

raise your vibe

vinyasa: waking up our mind & body to lift our spirits & lighten our mood
bonus: golden light visualisation

stress buster

vinyasa: relieving stress & tension from the shoulders
bonus: stress relief visualisation

expanding heart

vinyasa: practicing acceptance, empathy through our authenticity & warmth
bonus: expand your heart

what's for me won't pass me

yin: letting go & having faith that everything will work out in it's own time for our greatest good
bonus: one Minute rule


vinyasa: going beyond the poses to see who we truly are
bonus: beginners introspective journalling

finding emotional freedom

vinyasa: stepping out of the ego mind & connecting with the goodness of life
bonus: emotional freedom indicator

balance baby

vinyasa: cultivating balance in the emotional & physical body through awareness
bonus: g.l.a.d practice

just for today

yin: finding inner joy & happiness through focusing on one day at a time
bonus: if-then habits technique

riding the wave of emotion

vinyasa: learning to sit with uncomfortable emotions through deep hip-openers
bonus: affect labeling

expanding heart

vinyasa: working through backbends to expand our hearts throughout our whole self
bonus: 7 days to self-love challenge

what matters most

vinyasa: releasing stagnant energy and old beliefs to arrive in to stillness and find the answers we are looking for
bonus: finding the answer through stillness

slow down

yin: taking a moment to stop & smell the roses to reconnect with our joy
bonus: 5|4|3|2|1 technique

get centred

vinyasa: working with gentle twists to get centred and stay grounded
bonus: feel your feet

connected at the core

vinyasa: working with full core activation and allowing ourselves to meet our vulnerable truth
bonus: core activation

supple spine

vinyasa: creating freedom between each vertebrae as we are only as old as our spine is healthy
bonus: daily spinal sequence

upper body release

yin: releasing stress and tension held in the upper body
bonus: paradox of emotions

soul connection

vinyasa: intimately opening up our connection with our true essence
bonus: soul gazing

strength at night

vinyasa: cultivating strength as well as a deep sense of restoration
bonus: belly breathing | dirge pranayama

rise & shine

vinyasa: removing grogginess from our mornings and bringing the good vibes first thing to last the whole day through
bonus: r.i.s.e-u.p method


yin: diving deep in to the connective tissue to reach the emotional body. letting go of a lifetime of holding on
bonus: progressive muscle relaxation

happy hamstrings

vinyasa: awareness on the hamstrings as we open up in this moving meditation
bonus: myofascial release

you have all the answers

vinyasa: stepping away from logic & allowing our inner knowing to guide us
bonus: ultimate dicider

strength with ease

vinyasa: cultivating mind & body strength in those moments of perceived weakness
bonus: 10 minute rule

complete body wisdom

yinyasa: tuning in to our body wisdom to correct imbalances
bonus: body scan

ready for the afterglow

vinyasa: building heat to radiate from the inside out
bonus: glow mindset

restore & renew

vinyasa: renewing our energy to restore ourself back to our essence
bonus: renewal technique

balancing act

vinyasa: feel re-energised & grounded with one foot on the ground
bonus: cortices technique


yin: balance meridians in this sweet surrender
bonus: tension melter technique

creating space

vinyasa: opening the shoulders, heart & hips to release stress & tension - freeing up space in the body & mind for conscious thought & action
bonus: square breath | same vritti

perfectly centred

vinyasa: creating alignment back to our centre
bonus: reframe perfectionism

have a little patience

vinyasa: cultivating the concentrated strength of patience
bonus: patience on the go

lengthen & strengthen

yinyasa: lengthening the space between thoughts & strengthening access to conscious awareness
bonus: cbt overview

blissed out

vinyasa: softly floating to a bliss state
bonus: moments to bliss

redirecting control

vinyasa: acknowledging all that we aspire to control & directing our attention to that which we can control instead
bonus: thinking the opposite

lifting the weight of the world

vinyasa: finding the strength to release the heaviness & tension built up in the shoulders & mind.
bonus: shoulder tension release

balancing your yang with yin

yin: honouring the yin & balancing the yang
bonus: 4/7/8 breath

responding to challenge

vinyasa: building resilience & noticing your response by changing the dynamics & removing use of hands
bonus: blind tree challenge

back to basics

vinyasa: reminding ourselves about the essence of yoga through core yoga poses
bonus:three-part breath

abundance with love

vinyasa: manifesting abundance with gratitude & love
bonus: manifestation challenge

awaken your wild heart

vinyasa: finding your authentic voice of your should & gaining clarity to your heart's true desire
bonus: bridge posture breakdown

expectations vs reality

vinyasa: managing our expectations by exploring what is
bonus: standing forward fold posture breakdown

flow & let go

yinyasa: releasing emotions from the hips through dynamic movements & long holds
bonus: lion breath | simhasana pranayama

being vs doing

vinyasa: feeling alive in the moment though balancing the being & doing
bonus: grounded roots technique

shift your dishti

vinyasa: shifting our focus from discomfort to ease
bonus: happy baby posture breakdown

wring it out

vinyasa: wringing out the old to make way for the new
bonus: breath of fire | kapalabhati

connect to reflect

vinyasa: creating a soft, gentle space to use reflection for growth
bonus: namaste

crown chakra

vinyasa: access your highest self as you move through strong mindful awareness
bonus: headstand posture breakdown

third eye chakra

yinyasa: trusting your intuition through closed eyes
bonus: candle gazing | trataka

throat chakra

vinyasa: tapping in to your truth through & exploring communication & self-expression
bonus: Jalandhara bandha

heart chakra

vinyasa: strengthening the back body whilst opening up the chest & shoulders
bonus: camel posture breakdown

solar plexus chakra

vinyasa: activating core, moving in to twists & working up to handstand
bonus: Uddiyana bandha

sacral chakra

vinyasa: working with the hips to explore self-expression & working up to splits
bonus: VAM spoken mantra

root chakra

Vinyasa Flow: grounding & exploring stability
bonus: mula bandha

build boundaries, not walls

vinyasa: knocking down walls & exploring where our boundaries lie with a mandala flow
bonus: locust, cobra & upward-facing dog posture breakdown

success by failure

vinyasa: how can we use our failures to bring us success? Inc. side crow
bonus: firefly posture breakdown

vulnerable boss

vinyasa: recognising the power in our vulnerabilities
bonus: Chaturanga dandasana breakdown

power to the people

vinyasa: finding unity in diversity
bonus: wrist warm -up & strengthener

too blessed to be stressed

yin/yinyasa: channeling stress effectively & avoiding emotional & physical burnout
bonus: breath for stress inc. alternate nostril pranayama


yinyasa Flow: the importance of understanding our "why" to get what we want
bonus: fallen angel posture breakdown

mind & body reset

vinyasa: get unstuck & re-evaluate what you want
bonus: mindful eating

flow state to glow state

vinyasa: accessing the flow state for ultimate success
bonus: flow state challenge

let your creativity flow

vinyasa: using self-expression to lead to unlimited potential
bonus: creativity challenge

beginners mind

vinyasa: with fresh eyes, opportunities are endless
bonus: yoga for your body

wildest dreams

vinyasa: stepping off the hamster wheel & realising your dreams
bonus: warrior I posture breakdown

setting your intention

VINYASA: EVERYTHING ACTION IS THROUGH INTENTION. choose wisely to shift your state
BONUS: DOWNWARD FACING DOG posture breakdown

coming home to your body