A strength-based power vinyasa flow. We will build heat through flowing with a focus on engaging the muscles and core. This practice will allow you to strengthen your mind, body, breath and improve your fitness levels while getting all the juicy benefits of yoga.
Open to all levels.


A vibrant & dynamic vinyasa flow. Leading with the breath, this class will leave you feeling uplifted yet grounded. Flowing from posture to posture, you will be encouraged to connect with your body, breath and mind.
Open all levels.


Coming soon!
A breath-led power vinyasa flow led in a hot room. A reasonable level of fitness is preferred.
Bring water and a towel!


A gentle and nurturing vinyasa flow allowing mum and baby to connect. Stilling is a strong focus, providing mum with the tools to remain calm during pregnancy, labour and on through motherhood. This class can be taken in the second and third trimesters with consent from your healthcare practitioner.

mini & me

A calming postnatal vinyasa flow allowing mum to return to or establish her practice. This chilled out class aims to allow mum and baby to connect through breath and movement.

nom-aste yoga brunch

Start your weekend off the best way - with a juicy yoga flow followed by a nutritious brunch with a beautiful group of like-minded people.
Fill yourself up with good vibes & delicious food!

What my students say about my classes

Doing yoga classes once a week has not only made me more flexible but has given me more confidence. I managed to go to classes without my friend which I wouldn't have been able to do before. Meghan makes it really fun to do and puts me in a better mood for the week.
Ruby Barrie
Yoga megs student
Yoga has had a really positive effect on my life. It has increased my flexibility, calmed me down after a bad day and even helped me become more confident in myself. I think Meghan is great! She is really good at what she does. She has pushed me to try harder in yoga and it has helped me so much throughout yoga classes.
Eva Wackett
Yoga megs student